Why Do You Go To Church?

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A few years ago in the Portuguese town of Sobrado, a lady had a dog named Preta. 

Every Sunday morning without fail Preta would leave her owner’s home at 5:00 a.m. and walk 8 miles to a Roman Catholic church in a nearby town in time for the 7:30 am Sunday mass. 

Upon arriving, Preta would saunter right up to the sanctuary and lie down by the side of the altar. When the congregation stood for parts of the mass, so did Preta. When they sat down, she’d stretch out on the stone floor again. This went on for years. After the final blessing, Preta headed home, another 8 mile walk, unless somebody gave her a lift.

Every Sunday the church was filled to capacity. Why? Because everybody wanted to see Preta, the prayerful pooch.

We could all ask ourselves why we do or don’t go to church on Sunday morning. Are we looking to deepen our relationship with God or do we need a prayerful dog like Preta to lead us to church on a Sunday morning?


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