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Why I Don’t Cry

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As the war in Viet Nam was ending, Bob Considine, an American journalist, accompanied an orphan girl back to the United States so she could be adopted.

During the long flight the girl’s eyes overflowed with tears, but she made absolutely no sound. Bob Considine called the flight attendant and asked her what the problem was. The flight attendant had witnessed this before and said that this was normal.

She explained: “The reason they don’t make a noise when they cry is because they learned long ago that nobody will come.”

All too often I am talking with someone in what I thought was a non-grieving situation. Their eyes will get misty or even a bit watery. I rarely, if ever, ask why. We just keep on talking about something I surmise is unrelated to the tears in their eyes.

I have wondered though whether the person
Has lived a lifetime of watery eyes and
Learned that nobody will come.

This is why people in Jesus’ time were so attracted to him and
Why people today get so very close to Jesus everyday.

They know that when their eyes water,
Jesus is right there with them.

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