Why I Love My Father

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There was once a young college student who was visited one weekend by his father at a prestigious college in the East. The father had an old dilapidated car. When the dad drove away to go home, some of the boy’s friends began to laugh and tease and make fun of that car.

The young man said, “You can laugh if you want to, but let me tell you something. My father could have had a new car years ago if he had wanted one. He had the money to buy it, but he wanted me to have an education at this school more than he wanted a new car for himself.

The only reason I am here is because he chose to drive that old car. I am so grateful to him because in that one generous, sacrificial act, he taught me so much about life and thoughtfulness and love. I love that old car and I love the man in it.”

Thanks to James Moore
I asked God for a flower,
He gave me a bouquet.
I asked God for a minute,
He gave me all day.
I asked God for true love,
He gave me that too.
I asked God for a guide,
He gave me a Father like You.

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