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Why the Cheering Stopped

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The cheering stopped and the crowd size dwindled when Jesus began to talk more and more about a cross. 

In the early part of his ministry Jesus talked about the Kingdom of God. The people wanted to hear about the kingdom, especially since they misunderstood this kingdom, to be a restoration of Israel to the days of King David’s glory. But increasingly Jesus began to talk about sacrifice –  even giving up your life.

The story is told about a pee-wee baseball game. When the young boy got up to the plate, he looked over to the coach, and he saw him give the signal to sacrifice bunt. He then promptly proceeded to take three big swings and strike out. The coach ran up to him and said: “Didn’t you see me give you the signal to sacrifice?” 

“Yes,”the boy replied. “But I didn’t really think that you meant it.”

Isn’t that what we so often say to Jesus. “Yes, Lord, I heard you talk about sacrifice, but I didn’t really think that you meant it. ”The cross says emphatically that Jesus did mean it.

The cheering stopped and the people walked away because Jesus more and more began to talk about commitment. The cheering stopped because Jesus opened up the doors of the Kingdom and invited people to come in. But most importantly of all, it stopped because Jesus began to talk about a cross.   A God Notice

The cross is not about a religion. The cross is about a relationship, a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Spend a few moments today gazing at the cross and consider what Jesus means to you today in your life, as you, your family and friends, our country and the whole world struggles with the coronavirus.

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