Why the Pope Is Always Happy!

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On November 22, 2022 five representatives of America Magazine and America Media interviewed Pope Francis at his residence at Santa Marta at the Vatican. 

Fr. Matt Malone, S.J., the retiring editor-in-chief of America Magazine, asked the opening question of Pope Francis:

“Holy Father…..the first thing that is on the mind of our readers, that surprises them, is that you always seem joyful, happy, even amid crises and troubles. What is it that makes you so joyful, so peaceful and happy in your ministry?”

Pope Francis: 

“I didn’t know that I am always like that. I am joyful when I am with people—always. 

One of the things I find most difficult as pope is not being able to walk on the street with the people, because here one cannot go out; it is impossible to walk on the street. 

But I would not say that I am happy because I am healthy, or because I eat well, or because I sleep well, or because I pray a great deal. I am happy because I feel happy, God makes me happy. I don’t have anything to blame on the Lord, not even when bad things happen to me. Nothing. 

Throughout my life, he has always guided me on his path, sometimes in difficult moments, but there is always the assurance that one does not walk alone. I have that assurance. He is always at my side. One has one’s faults, also one’s sins; I go to confession every 15 days—I do not know, that is just how I am.

Are YOU happy because YOU feel happy? Does God make YOU happy, like he does Pope Francis?


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