Words to Ponder!

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One thing that I do regularly on my Smart Phone is jot down a sentence or an idea that I consider to be rather profound. I want to hold on to this sentence. I want to reflect on it and even pray about it. Here are 10 sentences that I have jotted down for these purposes –

Jesus participated in an election and his life depended on it……Jesus OR Barabas?…..Who did the people choose when they were given the chance to vote?

God ALLOWS what God HATES to accomplish what God LOVES. 

We’re here not simply because we believe in miracles or need a miracle….We’re here because we ARE a miracle. 

For years the Church kept me safe inside a building while the Holy Spirit was OUTSIDE on the streets.

We no longer worship at the altar of character and kindness…..We worship at the altar of billionaires and innovators. 

The new saint we really need is Saint Transparency…..Because when you pray to her, miracles happen. 

Most people spend more time defending their beliefs than they do SEEKING THE TRUTH. 

We talk and plan about everything else….Why not talk about and plan for our eternity?

When religion and politics mix, religion always gets the worst of it.

When LOSING is seen as a SIN, then LYING becomes a SACRAMENT.

Which of the above sentences will YOU reflect upon and use to help YOU to see things in a different way?


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