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I can remember not many years ago when the local and the national news before Christmas was mostly about crowded shopping malls, interviews with Santa, providing meals to the poor and visits to our troops serving around the world. 

These are not the newsworthy stories for Christmas, 2022. The news is a tug-of-war about what the politicians are saying and what they plan to unleash on us in 2023. And there is always news about the high cost of everything on the shelves in the stores.

I’d love to see people who call themselves Christians start wearing wristbands on each wrist that asks: WHAT WOULD JESUS SAY? and WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? Christmas is only 10 days away and some know-it-all talking heads on TV are trying to tell us about the Spirit of Christmas.

I would hope and pray that an adult, mature Christian has a deep enough faith to look at their wristbands often and figure out what Jesus would say and what Jesus would do to bring peace on earth and goodwill to others. 

From the day Jesus was born, the very presence of Jesus among others got rid of the demons that were dividing and destroying the people. Jesus never talked politics, “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God” was all he had to say on the subject. 

But Jesus had a lot to say about forgiving seven times seventy, turning the other cheek and laying down your life for another. The know-it-all talking heads are as far away from the talking points of Jesus as we are from Santa Claus sitting at the North Pole. The result: The demons in our world have been given free passes to do as they please – divide and conquer!

WHAT WOULD JESUS SAY?  WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? wrist bands would be a great Christmas gift for all of us. When the divide and conquer demons go on the prowl, we will at least have a fighting chance to cast them out as Jesus spent his whole life casting out demons. 

Please go through YOUR day today, asking yourself  “What Would Jesus Say?”, “What Would Jesus Do?”


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