Your personal world is always as small or as big as you want to make it.

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For the past 16 years I have been helping Food For the Poor in the building of schools, hospital additions, homes and wells in Haiti. I’ve also been working in Haiti and in the DR to bring critical thinking to the students in their education.

For the past 3 weeks I’ve been in Holy Cross Hospital and Rehab Center recovering from a cracked left femur. Over 60% of the wonderful and loving nurses who have cared for me have come from Haiti.

When I mentioned this to Raygine Francois with whom I do educational work in Haiti, she said: “This is a wonderful payback to you for the work you have been doing in Haiti.”

This past year I have been working with Food for the Poor to build a much-needed school in Milot, Haiti, which is in the North of Haiti.

Lo and behold, Myrva, my terrific nurse this past week, comes from the little town of Milot, Haiti. What can I say?….

Your personal world is always as small or as big as you want to make it. I am so blessed that my world is as big as it is!

Thanks for your prayers,
Fr. Med Laz.

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