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There was a mother mouse who decided to teach her little mice about the world. So she gathered all of her little ones and set out for a walk. They walked down the hall and turned to the right. Then they went down that hall and took another right. 

Suddenly they found themselves in front of the family cat dozing in the sunlight. The mother mouse was scared. But she didn’t want to give in to her fright. So she signaled to her children to be very quiet and to follow as she began to tip toe quietly and slowly past the sleeping cat. Just as she was about to get past the cat, the cat’s eyes popped open and raised its paw.

The little mice were petrified. What would their mother do? Well, just as the cat’s paw started to come down, that mother mouse looked the cat right in the eye and started barking like a dog. And do you know what? The cat was so startled and frightened that it jumped up and ran away! 

The mother mouse, wiped her brow, shook a little and then turned to her little mice and said, “Children, I hope you learned a valuable lesson today. Sometimes it’s good to know a second language!”

It’s the same way with you and me. It’s so important to know a second language. Jesus taught each of us a second language: “You are the salt of the earth…..You are the light of the world”(Matt. 5:13-14). 

Salt and Light are the language of God, the language of Grace, the language of Hope and Love. And when this language is translated into action it becomes the most beautiful language ever spoken. 

Just look at what our doctors, nurses and health professionals have been doing for us this past year as over 3 million people have died of the coronavirus. They have been Salt and Light and have given us Grace and Hope and Love.

You and I are also called to be Salt and Light just like them and to speak the language of God as we live our faith, especially during these difficult and challenging times.  

How have YOU been Salt and Light to others in your life this past week?


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