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Your Spiritual Appetite

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One night, a mother fixed a special meal for her family: turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, green beans, cranberry sauce, and apple pie for dessert. 

It was everyone’s favorite meal, especially when it came at a time other than Thanksgiving. The aroma filled the house, and as the children came in from playing they could hardly wait for dinner to begin. 

The last child appeared only a few minutes before dinner time and sat through the meal without eating, even though he especially loved the foods in front of him. Why? Because he had filled up on lots of candy and ice cream at a friend’s house. 

In settling for something good, he had lost his appetite for the best.

The same applies to our spiritual appetites and our spiritual growth. Some people don’t have much of an appetite for spiritual food and spiritual growth because they have satisfied themselves with lesser things.

Thanks to Michael P. Green for sharing.

Learn to love without condition
Talk without bad intention
Give without any reason
And most of all………
Care for people without any expectation.

Life doesn’t get easier…..
You just get stronger!

When you really look at yourself the last few months……
How do you find that you…..Love…..Talk…..Give…..and Care compared to the 4 listed above?

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