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An Attitude Change!!

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Once there was a very successful factory that made drills. 

One day the owner told his corporate officials that he was going to retire and that he had chosen his son as his successor. 

At the next board meeting the son asked his four vice presidents, “What are your goals for the company for the next five to ten years?”

One vice-president replied, “Well sir, we’re looking at new sizes and shapes for different drills.”

The son then dropped his bombshell. “I have news for you – there is no market for drills.” 

One could feel the tension in the air. He continued, “From now on we will not think drills. We will not sell drills. We’ll sell holes! People don’t want to buy a drill…..they want to make a hole!”

As they began to think of other ways to create holes they developed, among other methods, lasers for hole drilling. This attitude change and other innovations has kept this company in business while its competitors have lost large shares of the market and some of them even went bankrupt.

Thanks to Bruce Larson for sharing this story and to Brent Porterfield.  Thanks to Nikita Belokhonov for the picture. 

Might this be one way of looking at what is taking place in our country right now?  People are so committed to their drills — that they can’t see the forest for the trees. 

What is needed is a true change of attitude by our citizens in order for our country to be all that it can be!!

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