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Each Other’s Point of View

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You might think you know me
And others think so too
But who I am to me
Is not who I am to you

And you are not the same
As who I really see
Because who you are to you
Is not who you are to me

What we see is limited
To what the other’s shown
So though we say we’re friends
We both remain unknown

You may think you really are
What you keep inside
And I may think that I am
More of what I hide

Too scared to reveal the truth
Afraid to show our faults
Cause knowing who we really are
Might put the other off.

If I saw me through your eyes
I’d only see what is good
And if you could see what I do
You’d see you like you should

So maybe we are blind
When it comes to who is who
But I think we might see better
From each other’s point of view.

By Nicky Tamberrino

Have you been saying “Thank You” along with a big smile to all those working at
food stores and drug stores, risking their lives for us during this coronavirus? Or
have you been blind to their presence?

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