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How Could I Improve?

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In a Peanut’s comic strip, Lucy is walking along the road with Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown asks her: “Lucy, are you going to make any New Year’s resolutions?”

Lucy hollers back at him, knocking him off his feet: “What? What for? What’s wrong with me now? I like myself the way I am! Why should I change? What in the world is the matter with you, Charlie Brown? I’m all right the way I am! I don’t have to improve. How could I improve? How, I ask you? How?”

When we are really honest with ourselves, our own words would not be much different than Lucy’s words. We are resistant to any and all kinds of change in our lives.

Most of us know ways in which we can and should change. More important than resolving to lose a few bodily pounds this year is resolving to gain some weight in our spiritual life. Again, I suggest and encourage you to make Lectio Divina a part of your spiritual life. Weight loss programs come and go. Lectio Divina goes back to the time of the Apostles. And it works!!

Lectio Divina proceeds in 4 stages:

READING: First select a Scripture passage, take a short section and then with a listening heart read the text aloud slowly and deliberately. When you find a word or phrase or sentence that speaks to your heart, pause in your reading.

MEDITATION: Second, meditate or mull over the word or words. Allow God to settle it into your soul. Allow the words to probe your attitude, emotions and aspirations.

PRAYER: Third, return the Scripture you have just read to God the Father by praising him for its work in you. Talk to the Father about your reading.

CONTEMPLATION: The final stage is resting in the Lord’s presence. This is the act of simply being with God. A God Touch

Please give Lectio Divina a try this New Year!!

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