Light Their Way!

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When Benjamin Franklin wished to interest the people of Philadelphia in street lighting, he didn’t try to persuade them by just talking about it. He hung a beautiful lantern on a long bracket in front of his home. He kept the glass highly polished. 

Every evening at the approach of dusk, Franklin carefully lit the wick. People saw the light from a distance and when they walked in its light, found that it helped them to avoid sharp stones on the pavement. Others began placing lights at their homes, and soon Philadelphia recognized the need for street lighting.

Today, people around you are crying out for light, an inner light, that you can provide.

Every day you meet people who are living in the dark. They are depressed and distraught over the pandemic and the politics that is tearing at our nation. Once you show them the peace, the joy and the calm you have discovered in your life because of Jesus, they will recognize their own need for him. Your witness through your personal example and testimony may be just what someone is waiting for to light their way. 


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