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Losing Our Way!

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During World War II, the English government knew that Hitler was planning to invade the British Islands. 

They encouraged their people to prepare for the invasion and they did several things: they boosted their defenses, they put guards on constant watch, and they developed early warning systems and evacuation routes.

They did one more thing – the government passed a law requiring every community to take down all the road signs and any sign that named any town or village. They knew the Germans had maps of England, but if they couldn’t locate themselves on those maps, they would be slowed in their progress as they approached London. Without any sign or any point of reference, the troops would just wander aimlessly around.

The world does that to us today. It takes our roads signs away. And we live our lives lost, not knowing where we are and we don’t know how to get to where we need to go. So husbands and wives will wander away from their marriages. Children will wander away from their parents. People will walk off cliffs of drugs, alcohol, or materialism. 

Sheep need guidance. We need direction and leadership and there is hardly a chance it will come to us from social media or cable TV hosts. 

It will come to us from the Shepherd. What is the second verse in the 23rd Psalm? “He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside restful waters.”

Thanks to James Merritt for sharing

What road sign from the Good Shepherd do YOU need to follow today?

The news cycle has moved on and is covering Afghanistan and COVID-19 outbreaks. But the humanitarian crisis in Haiti continues. UNICEF says that 1.2 million people in Haiti continue to be in dire need, 540,000 of these are children. 

If you would like to help with the relief efforts for the people in Haiti, please go to or click on: I have been working with Food for the Poor for 17 years. Their administrative costs are very low and they find a way to get the job done!


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