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“Make Him Pay, No Matter What!”

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Two store owners were bitter rivals. Their stores were directly across the street from each other, and they would spend each day keeping track of each other’s business. If one got a customer, he would smile in triumph at his rival. 

One night an angel appeared to one of the store owners in a dream and said, “I will give you anything you ask, but whatever you receive, your competitor will receive twice as much. Would you wish to be rich? You can be very rich, but he will be twice as wealthy. Do you wish to live a long and healthy life? You can, but his life will be longer and healthier. What is your desire?”

 The man frowned, thought for a moment, and then said, “Here is my request: Strike me blind in one eye!”

Sadly, this is not just another funny story. This is what is happening over and over again in our country. People are going spiritually blind and they are wishing even worse on their neighbors! An accountant who does taxes told me that a divorced woman who is a client of his said to him: “I don’t care how much I have to pay the IRS, just be sure that my ex-husband has to pay twice as much!”

How have YOU fallen victim to this same kind of thinking and this same kind of acting?

How has the impeachment trial going on brought out the worst in YOU and led YOU to hateful, spiteful thinking? This week are YOU becoming the person YOU really want to be? 


A Very Interesting Footnote – 

Back in the late 1950’s my Step-Mother Betty managed a very successful store in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The store owner across the street could just not compete with her, no matter what he did or how many sales he ran.

Finally one day he walked into my Step-Mother’s store and said, “Betty, I’ve had it with trying to compete with you. But I’ve learned a whole lot from you. I’m closing my store and moving to another location. I wish you my very best!He walked out of my Step-Mother’s store with no spite or hate in his heart. 

The rest of the story is history. That man was Sam Walton who walked out of my Step-Mother’s store. He went out and opened up the first Wal-Mart in another location!!

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