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Permit God to Bless You!

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Permit God to bless you. Don’t look around you and think how hard life is. Look around and see how filled with mystery and goodness life is. 

See how wonderful the world looks when you know God is at work redeeming it and setting up the anti-structures, so that humility and purity and compassion and longing for justice and peace will all be fulfilled and rewarded in the eternal scheme of things.

Give thanks to God for the richness of existence.
Then look around to see who you can share it with.
That will make you feel even richer.

If you will learn to live this way every day, you will always have a song in your heart and the path before you will be lined with flowers. 

Joy will spring up inside you like a fountain, and you will lie down to sleep at night with peace in your soul. And you will say, “Blessed be the name of our God forever and ever, who calls us to a new rule where righteousness will be the order of the day forever!”

As we begin this New Year, 2024, let us make the critical choice of permitting God to bless us and to fill us with a new sense of hope and purposeful living. 

Let us live in the assurance that the present darkness is not our final destination, that there is indeed much more yet to come. Along the way we will begin to experience joy springing up within us like a fountain. Thanks be to God, who blesses us with love and grace beyond measure.

Thanks to John Killinger and to Joel D. Kline.  Thanks to James Resly for the photo. 

A positive, thankful, prayerful attitude is the best way to begin 2024. Try it, YOU will enjoy it!!             


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