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“I’m not going to wear a mask,”
The man says with a look of defiance,
As he stands in the midst of a crowd,
Defying common sense and science.

“I don’t like the government,”
The man without a mask proceeds.
It only comes in handy for him
When it happens to suit his needs.

“The government is not,” he adds,
“Going to tell me what to do.”
Only his unreliable
Sources tell him what is true.

“The CDC can’t be trusted,”
He says with a look of disdain,
Letting too many conspiracy theories
Seep into his paranoid brain.

“No business or place of work
Can make me wear a mask,” he declares.
When it comes to the safety of all,
His words show how little he cares.

“Freedom is what it’s all about,”
He shouts, but he just doesn’t see
That it has nothing to do with freedom;
It’s merely utter stupidity. 

By Bob B 

How do we heal our Divided Nation when it comes to wearing or not wearing a protective face mask?   Why do you say that?

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