The God that Jesus Gave Us

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There is a tribe in Africa known as the Masai, a race of strong, tall people. This particular tribe has always believed in one god, Engai. They believe Engai is passionately involved in his people’s lives. 

But here is what the Masai believe about their god: that he loves the rich more than the poor, the healthy more than the sick, the virtuous more than the wicked. Engai favors the Masai over every other tribe, providing them with rain and sleek cattle and protecting them against their enemies.

We could call such views primitive if we were not aware that this is how many Christians view God – a God who favors some people over others. But this is not the God that Jesus gave us. 

Jesus taught us to call God “Abba” or “Daddy” and taught us that God loves all people equally whether they are rich or poor – black, brown, yellow, red or white – whether they live in the United States or in China or anywhere else in the world. God plays no favorites. God loves us all.   A God Alert

It’s important to consider what we think and how we talk about others and it is important in how we think about ourselves.

What comes to your mind and to your lips when you think of those who are very different than you are?

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