The Point of Death

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What is at about human nature that makes us put off the most important things until a crisis looms? So often we coast in our relationships until they skid into a crisis. 

We think nothing of spending many thousands of dollars on a car and blindly drive it by a homeless shelter every day. We think nothing of a sixty-hour workweek but can’t find time for dinner as a family.

We live lives of loneliness and sorrow because those things that could build our friendships, family, and faith get our leftover time. 

Then, one day it is too late, we have waited too long. We are like Jairus who did not run to Jesus until his daughter was “at the point of death”.

Take a moment to examine your life today. What is at the “the point of death” — in your life right now? What part of your spiritual or relational life is barely breathing? 

Find ways to make those areas of your life (family, friendships and faith) a higher priority than career, income, TV, your computer or retirement. Don’t let this quarantine time of the coronavirus pandemic go to waste. 

Thanks to Jerry Goebel for his thoughts

I heard of someone who had a very close friend who lived nearby. He got a call that his friend had a severe heart attack. He rushed to his friend’s house. When he got there he was told that his friend had died. He dashed to the bedroom and put his arm around his friend. “You can’t die! You can’t die! I NEVER TOLD YOU I LOVED YOU !!”

Make that call….Put it down on your schedule if you have to. Schedule some meaningful time with Jesus. 

Given our fears and our helplessness these past 3 months, there is a lot you need and want to share with Jesus. What is holding you back? 

This might well be the best time in your life. Jesus died on that cross for YOU. Have YOU told the Risen Jesus today how much YOU love him?

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