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During World War II the city of Palermo, Sicily, was a military objective of the Allied Powers, who wanted the American Air Force to bomb the city. 

To warn the Sicilians, telling them to flee, thousands of pamphlets were dropped on the city beforehand, but the citizens simply did not believe the warning. They listened, but they did not hear! 

When the American planes came and dropped their bombs, hundreds of Sicilians were killed. In fact, in some cold, dead hands were found the very pages urging them to leave the city.

Jesus urged his disciples 2,000 years ago to not just hear the words of the Kingdom but to actually follow them and to act upon them. Through the community of believers in the Church today and in the Bible, Jesus is urging us to hear his words and to put them into practice. 

Thanks to Dennis Kastens for this example. 

If YOUR life ended suddenly today, what warning page would others find in your hands? 

Give All Your Troubles to God…God’s Up All Night Anyhow!

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