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Time Out!!

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Time outis a good strategy in sports,

When the game needs to be slowed down,
When weary players need a short break,
When advice from the coach is needed to give the team the winning edge,
When a player needs encouragement and support,
When it seems that the opponents are getting an upper hand.

“Time out” is also a wise principle in everyday living.

We need to take time out and slow down from the often break-neck pace of our lives.

There’s no doubt about it – we live in a busy world. With all the time saving devices in our homes and work places one would think that we would have so much more time to do the things we like to do, to spend more time with our families, volunteer more of our time to charity and the church.

But more importantly, we do not spend time alone, in meditation and prayer. Jesus knew that was important for his disciples back then. It is still important for his modern-day followers.

Thanks to Vince Gerhardy

We are too busy to pray….So we are too busy to have power.

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