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How are we supposed to live? Do we learn from experience? Do we learn from faith? Do we garner insights which will enable us to put our lives – our houses, if you please – in order?

What better example than the celebrated Three Little Pigs. Two empty-headed little porkers sang, “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?” and built their houses of straw and of sticks. Of course the wolf blew down these flimsy affairs. Then that workaholic little pig built his house of solid brick, gave shelter to the other two, and did away with the wolf. 

Did anybody learn or change in the whole episode? Of course not. The first two remain just as silly – the perpetual ne’er-do-wells. The plodder goes on doing the hard work, looking after everyone else, and getting short shrift when it comes to thanks.

A county official was running for reelection. To his consternation he learned an erstwhile political crony was assiduously working against him. “Didn’t I pave the road that runs by your property?” “Yes.” “Didn’t I get a job for your good-for-nothin’ brother-in-law?” “Yes.” “Didn’t I fix that traffic ticket for that son of yours?” “Yes.” “Then why are you working against me?” “Well, you haven’t done anything for me lately.” Sound familiar?

Unhappily, a great many people go through all the experiences of life and learn nothing. They do not grow. They fail to mature. 

Thanks to Warren Thomas Smith

What miracles, like a miracle vaccine, are you waiting for in your life. What three things has the pandemic taught you? Why do you say that?

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