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Some years ago the Denver zoo had a difficult decision to make.

They were offered the gift of a beautiful, large polar bear. But there was a problem. There was no room anywhere for the polar bear. 

At the time of the gift the board of directors were in the middle of a fund-raising campaign to renovate the zoo. So they changed their plans to include a magnificent space for the polar bear in their renovation plans

In the meanwhile the bear was put into a small temporary cage. The space was so small that the bear could only take three steps and turnaround, take three steps and turnaround, walk three steps and turnaround.

Because of unforeseen delays, the construction took three years. But the polar bear’s new home was magnificent. There were waterfalls, caves and lots of space.

The first time the polar bear entered his new home he looked around, took three steps and turned around, took three steps and turned around. This lasted for quite a while

We’re amused, but you and I are much like that polar bear. We do much the same things and take the same steps day after day. We too are such creatures of habit. 

An important lesson in life and one that has helped me to grow spiritually – It’s okay to be content with what we do and with what we have. But it is never okay to be content with WHO WE ARE.  We need to be like rubber bands and stretch ourselves. There is not a one of us who can say: “God is finished with me!”

How are YOU stretching YOURSELF to become the person God created YOU to be?


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