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What WOULD Jesus Do?

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A few years ago I was stuck at the airport in Washington, DC trying to get back home to Florida on Southwest Airlines during a thunderstorm. The terminal was packed with people who were delayed just like me. 

Some had been there all night. Tempers were flaring. People were cursing. Smart phones were ringing. 

As I sat next to the ticket counter, I noticed the clerk to be unusually calm and courteous to passengers as they ranted and raved to her about their dilemma.  

The woman wore a WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) bracelet on her wrist. As I got up to finally board my plane, I said to her: “Thank you for practicing what you wear. Today you did what Jesus would do.”  

With a big smile she looked at me and said, “I try to do what Jesus would do every day.”

That’s what followers of Jesus do. They are not perfect, just forgiven. Not proud, just grounded. Not wandering, just following the Jesus who called them to be his disciples. 

Like the woman at the counter, they are just trying to do every day what Jesus would do. 

And sometimes we also need to ask ourselves: What Would Jesus NOT Do?

How often in any given situation do YOU ask YOURSELF, “What Would Jesus Do?” or “What Would Jesus NOT Do?” 


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