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Who’s Stupid Now?

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There is an Italian legend about a master and servant.

It seems the servant was not very smart and the master used to get very exasperated with him. Finally, one day, in a fit of temper, the master said: “You really are the stupidest man I know. Here, I want you to carry this staff wherever you go. And if you ever meet a person stupider than yourself, give them this staff.”

So time went by, and often in the marketplace the servant would encounter some pretty stupid people, but he never found someone appropriate for the staff. Years later, he returned to his master’s home. He was shown into his master’s bedroom, for the man was quite sick and in bed. In the course of their conversation the master said: “I’m going on a journey soon.”

“When will you return?”, asked the servant.

“This is a journey from which I will not return.” the master replied,

The servant asked: “Have you made all the necessary arrangements?”

“No, I guess I have not.”

“Well, could you have made all the arrangements?”

“Oh yes, I guess I’ve had time. I’ve had all my life. But I’ve been busy with other things.”

The servant said: “Let me be sure about this. You’re going on a journey, from which you will never return, and you’ve had all your life to make the arrangements, but you haven’t.”

The master said: “Yes, I guess that’s right.”

The servant replied: “Master, take this staff. For at last I have truly found a man stupider than myself.”

Thanks to Richard J. Fairchild for this story. 

Unfortunately I encounter too many people who are like the two characters in the legend. 

Have YOU made all the necessary eternal arrangements or have YOU been too busy with other things?


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