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Words to Ponder Over & Over!

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One thing that I do regularly on my Smart Phone is jot down a sentence that I consider to be rather profound. I want to hold on to this sentence. I want to reflect on it and even pray about it. In some cases, I want it to become a part of me. Here are 10 sentences that I have jotted down for these purposes — 

The person in front of you is a HUMAN BEING FIRST and an opinion second.

PRINCIPLE ONE:   I will seek TO UNDERSTAND THOSE who do not understand me.

Our deepest parts and our deepest pain lie in a place that WORDS AND ANALYSIS CANNOT TOUCH. 

We are not living longer. We are DYING SLOWER. 

Will America be guided by REASON over PASSION, FACT over FAITH and EVIDENCE over TRIBE?

You climb the mountain TO SEE THE WORLD. You don’t climb the mountain SO THE WORLD CAN SEE YOU.

HOPE is the little voice you hear whisper – MAYBE.

TRUTH is always for the SAKE OF LOVE……and not an absolute in itself.

LIFE does not have to be perfect to be wonderful. 

The most effective LIES are the REALLY BIG ONES. 

Which of the above sentences will YOU reflect upon, pray over and especially help YOU to change YOUR behavior?


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