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Yet to Come

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Always know that better things are up ahead.

If you are going through hard times right now,
know that things will get better.
Things will change and turn in your favor

You will get the job.
You will find new strength and new light
that you didn’t know you had within you. 
You will grow and rise out of these times….

And if you are going through wonderful times right now,
know that the best is still yet to come.

Keep dreaming of growing and rising higher.
You have new mountains to climb in front of you
and bigger dreams to chase….

No matter where you are right now, 
always, always,know that 
the best is still yet to come.

By Nikki Banas

What is the best that is yet to come for YOU?
How will Jesus be a part of your journey to what is up ahead for you?

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