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William Lloyd Garrison was the greatest abolitionist against slavery this country has ever known. He was a publisher of a newspaper called the Liberator, an antislavery publication.

Garrison was an angry man, angry with indignation caused by the unbelievably inhumane treatment many of the slaves experienced. He hated slavery with everything that was in him. 

One day one of his best friends, Samuel May, tried to calm him down. He said to Garrison, “Oh, my friend, try to moderate your indignation and keep more cool. Why, you are all on fire.” Garrison replied, “Brother May, I have need to be all on fire, for I have mountains of ice around me to melt.”Well, the only way any of us can melt mountains of ice is to be on fire. 

The only way Christ can use any of us is when we are driven by a great passion, when we feel or hear his voice within our heart showing us a great cause that needs to be championed.  A God Flash

Nothing is accomplished in this world by people who have no passion. That’s one reason we need God in our hearts as well as on our lips.

Thanks to King Duncan

How have you felt the passion God in your heart in the recent past?

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