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A Backstage View!

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“We always have a backstage view of ourselves,” remarked Garrison Keillor one day. 

We let the audience see only the neatly arranged stage. But behind the curtain all kinds of things are lying around: old failures, hurts, guilt and shame. 

We hear that we are living in a shameless society, and that people are no longer bothered by shame. I don’t believe it. Shame plagues our souls. Psychologists tell us that shame sweeps over us when we overstep our abilities, or when our fantasy about who we would like to be encounters the backstage reality of who we really are.

Nothing is more crippling to our souls than working at hiding shame. We lock up more and more doors, sealing off more and more rooms of the heart to prevent our true selves from being discovered. We think we are keeping the world out, but in fact we are keeping ourselves locked in.

Jesus called the dead Lazarus out of his tomb. God the Father with the help of the Holy Spirit raised up Jesus to a New Life from his tomb on Easter Sunday. God the Father, the Risen Jesus and the Holy Spirit are working overtime this Easter Season to open up the doors of YOUR heart to let others bask in the wonder of who you really are!!

Thanks to Craig Barnes for sharing and to Joel Mott for the photo. 

What is so special about YOU that others could benefit from? 


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