Kissed Any Frogs Lately?

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We have all heard the old story of the beautiful princess who kissed the ugly frog. You will remember the frog is really a handsome prince changed into a frog by a wicked witch.

It seems to be an irrevocable curse since the only way to break the spell is for someone to kiss the frog. (There’s usually not a long line waiting to kiss frogs). But the princess kisses the frog out of the depth of her compassion and the prince emerges.

What a lesson for us! To free the prince, the princess had to let go of all she’d been taught about ugliness in other people.  

You and I are called to be like Jesus who was and is in the frog-kissing business. Turn to any page, any chapter of the Gospels, and what do you see Jesus doing? Kissing Frogs!! Outcasts, prostitutes, Samaritans and sinners. 

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see and to figure out what frogs get kissed and what frogs do not get kissed in our world today. Few frogs got kissed by Europe and the world when the Russians bombed Syria into oblivion (2012-2016). Thankfully today, many frogs in the Ukraine are being kissed by Europe and the world as Russia wreaks destruction upon the Ukrainian people. I believe Jesus would be kissing frogs in both countries.  

Our faith enables us to abandon all we have been taught about ugliness and unacceptability in other people. Just like Jesus, we need to seek and to find the “prince” that lives in each one of God’s children no matter where they live.  

What frogs have YOU kissed and helped to turn into princes? 


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