Three Small Oranges

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There’s a true story that comes from the sinking of the Titanic. A frightened woman found her place in a lifeboat that was about to be lowered into the raging North Atlantic. 

She suddenly thought of something she needed, so she asked permission to return to her stateroom before they cast off. She was granted three minutes or they would have to leave without her.

She ran across the deck that was already slanted at a dangerous angle. She raced through the gambling room with all the money that had rolled to one side, ankle deep.

She came to her stateroom and quickly pushed aside her diamond rings and expensive bracelets and necklaces as she reached to the shelf above her bed and grabbed three small oranges. She quickly found her way back to the lifeboat and got in. This is a true story the woman later told others. 

Thirty minutes earlier this woman would not have chosen a crate full of oranges over even the smallest diamond she was leaving behind. 

What changed everything for this woman? Death had gotten on board the Titanic! Instantaneously, the priceless things in her life had become worthless. Worthless things became priceless. At that moment she preferred three small oranges she could eat in the lifeboat to a sack full of her diamonds.

What or who are the three small oranges in YOUR life today that were not that important to YOU a year ago as the pandemic was just beginning?  Death then entered our country and your life as well.  If you cannot think of any, maybe you are still on the Titanic and you haven’t gotten in the lifeboat God has sent to you this past year.  

A year from today, a year after the second impeachment trial is long over, what will be the three oranges at the center of our Democracy that will be important to YOU?


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